Debbie Page

  • Name:
    Debbie Page

  • Company:
    Business Coach for Women – Keep More of the Money you Make

  • Title:

  • Area of Expertise:
    Cash Flow Coach for Women

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    7 Steps to Success; Raise your purpose, Raise your revenue, Raise your profit

    Achieving success is your personal responsibility. YOU are the only human on the planet that can DO what YOU do the way YOU DO it! If you don’t achieve success then your clients can not achieve theirs. Use these seven super steps to success to rise to your greatest heights to make more money and more impact in the world.


    • Learn to leverage relationships that benefit everyone.
    • Learn how to stay on track.
    • Learn to create and maintain a positive mental picture.
    • Learn how to consistently reach your goals and have more fun!
  • Speaking Topic #2:
    Cash Flow Success For Your Small Business

    Cash flow is the lifeblood of small business and is mostly misunderstood. When starting your business, the vast majority of effort and energy is on marketing, branding and messaging and cash flow is overlooked until it’s nearly too late. Take charge of your business financial future and security in this fast moving conversation.

    Key Takeaways

    • Understand what cash flow actually is
    • Understand why it is so important
    • Understand the difference between cash flow and profit
    • Understand how to manage your cash flow more effectively
  • Hometown:
    Black Diamond, Washington

  • Will Travel:
    Nationally or Locally

  • Speaking Sample:

Debbie Page is an internationally recognized and award winning entrepreneur, business coach and advocate for women’s economic independence and is recognized as the leading authority on cash flow for women in business. Her clients achieve stunning success with profitability because of her commitment to accountability, execution and the systems and processes that create sustainable business.

For over two decades Debbie has worked with women and money and has acquired, scaled and sold two businesses of her own. It is safe to say that whatever high or low you are experiencing in your business, she’s been there and knows the way through.

For 5 years she was the Executive Managing Director of an international women’s networking organization and was recognized as an International Femtor (R) for her work with women owned business, and her commitment to showing others how to build community to grow their business through effective networking. She is the only woman to receive this distinction two consecutive years.

When not coaching her clients from Sweden to Singapore and across North America, Debbie is a philanthropist, a feminist and a decent Cribbage player. She loves a good glass of wine, great conversation and studying the latest findings and applications in the fields of cognitive psychology and business strategy.

Debbie is the proud pet parent to Mr. Harley Hounderton, her 10 year old Labrador Retriever and doggy love of her life.

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